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Is it going to interrupt The Price Is Right?

What will he say? What will he be thinking?

I'm very very sorry ( I got caught....)

I've hurt my beloved wife and family ( All those chicks and my wife too!)

I've hurt the game of golf, my fellow ( F*ck them! how could I turn down all that
golfers, and tarnished the image of fabulous ass? My God!)
my corporate sponsors

I'm asking my beloved wife and family (If not, I feel a several hundred million dollar
to forgive me and hope that we can continue ass f*cking about to happen to me....)
to strive to make our marriage work.

I'm hoping I can do more than improve my (You SOBs want this to go away faster
image but to improve my character as well, than I do! Face it! my black ass has been carrying
so that golf and it's corporate sponsors will feel this game almost entirely by myself for years!
that I can represent them appropriately. Yeah I probably should have stayed single for a
few more years...Damm I was at a Warren Beatty
pace too...)
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