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Bruce W, we have a 20 ga under the bed at home loaded with 00. It's a Remington SF 1100 short barrel (bird gun). A pistol is on the bedstand (either Glock 26 9MM, Sigpro 2022 9MM or Detonics Combat Master .45 ACP depending on mood).

Cracker, we finally had a break-in at our house in JAX (Springfield). Stupid alarm company had the siren set to expire after 5 minutes. Police response time was about 40 minutes. They went through every drawer and closet. Other than the broken out back window no damage but they got the flat screen, DVD player, assorted booze, about 5 bottles of red wine (they left the white) and some other odds and enz. They hit us a 5:23 PM. Pretty brazen huh? I was hoping they'd come back the night we were there. I had a surprise for them! But no show.

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