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870 Is a great choice, have hunted with the same one since the 60's (won in a trap shoot contest in high school). I promise you at close range the 20ga will do all the damage you need! It is still fresh in my mind back when I was 10 years old and a bit disappointed that dad had chosen a .410 bolt action for me as my first gun (he was big into rabbit hunting with a couple beagles). He laid an old piece of 2x4 against a tree and had me shoot it, I was sold.
BTW; As I grew older, I went through a bunch of shotguns and my final gun of choice for rabbit hunting is a double barrel .410 with #6 shot... Nice'n'light, with enough juice to do the job without blowing the thing to simitherines.

Oh, for your use, I'd want the shortest barrel available

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