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If your buying one for "home defense" I would say go with the 12ga for the little bit more it will cost you. The law enforcement models have a slightly shorter stock which may be your best bet. Like Libra said your really buying the sound with a shot gun and more times then not thats all it will take to scare off some knucklehead. I have a remington 870 12ga with a 18" barrel and extended mag tube that holds 8+1 rounds. Gun also has a side saddle shell holder that holds 5 shells and a speed feed shortened stock that holds 4 shells in that. If you cant hit what your aiming for or at least scare them out of your house with 18 rounds then the bad guy deserves to get cha. used to be my duty weapon but has turned into a dust collector in the closet. would consider letting it go if it sounds like something your interested in??? may be a bit overkill but thought I would throw it out there