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Default Shotgun for home defense?

Well, I've narrowed down my choices - both are Remington "870" Express "Compact" models (pumps).

I will NOT use the gun for hunting or skeet - ONLY in a home defense mode.

I'm looking at 20ga., as it should do the job with the proper loads. "Kick" is also a factor in the intended use - don't want to be concerned with it when needed.


1. Having a little shorter arms than some folks, I like the "feel" of the "Jr./Youth" model, as it has a little bit shorter stock, but an 18-3/4" barrel (37-1/4" overall length) vs. 21" barrel (40-1/2" overall length) on the other "Compact" models. The "length of pull" on the "Jr./Youth" is 12" vs. 13" on the others, BUT the gun comes with a "length of pull" KIT that can be used to add up to 1" LOP using 2 - 1/4" LOP spacers, and/or 1 - 1/2" LOP spacer, and the appropriate screws. Sound reasonable? ;?

2. Is the 18-3/4" barrel "long" eNOUGH for the intended use? ;?

3. Is 20ga. eNOUGH? ;?

4. Gun also comes with "Super Cell" recoil pad, and, I think, a Rem choke?

5. Gun is "full" choke (Jr./Youth model) - other "Compacts" are "modified" choke. ;?

6. Any "advantage" to a "ribbed" barrel vs. non-ribbed? ;?

Is this a good choice, IYO? About $277 at Wal-Mart (if "apples-to-apples"?), $309 @ Bass Pro and local gun shop.

Thanks for your comments!

Here's a pic of the 18-3/4" barrel model and the 21" model ("ribbed").

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