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We got 26" east of Pittsburgh. Govener declared this area a state of emergency.

Spent all day yesterday on snow removal. Even with a snow blower it took all day. Didn't know we were going to get that much (they were predicting 8 to 10 inches) otherwise I would've been out Friday night running the snow blower. I have about 350 ft of single lane paved road to clear (private access, not boro maintained) plus another 200 ft of gravel driveway. If you ever think it'd be nice to live out away from it all, think again.

I'll say this much, I'm on my third winter with my Craftsman 26" dual stage, Tecumsa 7 hp snow blower. This year more than the previous two, it has been given quite a work out. And despite having to clear that much gravel area (even dropping the skids, gravel is still murder on a snow blower), it has held up beautifully. It's an electric start (you plug it into the wall), but I pull start it and it starts first pull every time. Been through it's share of shear pins though. Maybe about 15 or so this year. But shear pins are supposed to break, as opposed to damaging another part of the machine.
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