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Why not let the lawyer do it? It is a trivial process (for them and the court). In my case the court issued some documents stating I was the authorized executor. The legal cost was fairly minimal, and the estate is paying anyway. Otherwise it is just like running a business. Open a bank acct, collect from creditors, pay the bills. Keep good records. You also probably need to "advertise" the death to inform possible claimants. The lawyer did this for me, they know what places to put it and what it should say.

In my state the executor is entitled to compensation from the estate, though I declined as me and my siblings were the only heirs.For doing the filing, representing the estate, and telling me what all to do, I think we paid maybe $1-2K to the lawyer.

If there are real estate transfers or other complex stuff involved that would normally require a lawyer anyway, then that will add to it, but again the estate should pay for it.
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