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Default Probating a Will?

My 93yr.-old aunt, whom I've had POA for since last July, passed away last Tuesday and was put to rest Friday. She was a wonderful woman, my Mom's only surviving sister, and had a long and rewarding life.

I am also the Executor of her estate, and will be contacting the Circuit Court in the county in which she resided sometime next week. I know that I have to make an appointment with them and will have to bring certain documents to start the probate process. There IS a lawyer (her lawyer) that I can contact for questions on the process, if needed. There is also an accountant (her's) I can contact for questions along the way. I have a lot of faith in BOTH of these folks, and am certainly willing to pay for their services, when needed. I have all of the original legal documents, such as the Will, and I know the POA is no longer applicable, and reverts to the Executor mode.

My question is to those that may have already gone through or experienced this process. I have never done this before. Maybe I'm asking a little too early, since the Circuit Court will probably give me some guidance and specific "steps" for doing this?

Are there any "red flags", pitfalls, stumbling blocks, etc. that you have experienced along the way that I should be aware of? I know that the "probate" process may differ widely, from state to state, as well as taxes, etc.. My aunt resided here, in VA.

Again, I will probably find out most of what I need to know at the Court, but felt I would ask for some "experience" of the THT members so I can be aware of some potential problem areas.

I know NOTHING about estate taxes and other taxes related to probation of the Will?

If there are things that you would rather PM to me, that would certainly be fine.

Thanks for any input you feel is important - I feel my REAL work is just beginning!

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