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We have a 10 year old female black lab that has the same problem in her hips and her knees. Two years ago she was to the point that she could not get up and down the steps alone any longer. We took her to the vet and she was prescribed Duramaxx which helped her with the pain but she would frequently throw up after we gave it to her.

The vet also told us to start giving her glucosamine daily. We give her 2 Propet daily vitamin supplement pills, and 4 Propet glucosamine w/ joint care pills every morning. The pills are flavored so every morning after potty time she comes in and sits on front of the cabinet waiting for her pills. It's like she knows how much they are helping her.

It wasn't an immediate change but I would say we started to notice a difference within about 2 months in her mobility. Now it's been 2+ years and she can get up and down the steps by herself, she acts like she did 6-7 years ago when we first started to notice her hip/knee problem in the beginning. There is no question in my mind that we would have probably had to put her down by now if we would not have started giving her the glucosamine and other vitamins.

Do yourself and your dog a favor and start her on these pills immediately. It will take probably 2-3 months before you notice much of a change but it will happen. We have not given our dog Duramaxx after the 30 pills ran out, nothing but the glucosamine and vitamins.

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