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Originally Posted by Afishinado View Post
Darn it, I just bought another 3 month supply Glyco-Flex III for Thelma (my 8 year old golden), I will try Dasuquin next. The Glyco-Flex has been a big help for her, like night and day as well, but I would like to try for hopefully even better results, theres room for more improvement. She has it in her back knees, before she was obviously in pain all the time, could barely get up. Now she doesn't show any signs of discomfort or limping until after about 2 miles, she can jump onto the back seat of the Tahoe (but shes getting a big boost from me). Can no longer climb up the swim platform on the boat either... Rips my heart out. I give her 1/2 of a 325mg asprin when she exhibits pain and thats a big help
Aspirin never really helped our dog. Even with it she would get stiff and was barely able to get up. With this stuff, she is ready to go for a run!

It's much easier on her stomach and liver than the aspirin and pain relievers as well.
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