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The most simple piece of gear is a small genny, enough to power the heating system. That takes care of the heat. I wouldn't go out and buy a wood or propane stove only for this one purpose. Refrigeration, moot point when it is winter. cooking, gas grill in the garage with some extra propane cylinders. If you really want to live large a gas grill with a side burner for boiling water. for water (rare to lose town water but not well), tub idea is common or melted snow in that pot and burner set up you probably already have for steaming lobster, clams or frying turkey. Can also use for drinking after boiled. For lights, those cheap battery operated lanterns that run for a full day on 2 double A's if always on. The amount of heat from a candle is about enough to heat a doll house and they can result in a fire, although some well placed large candles in holders (the kind in the jar work well) that stay on in the evening are a good option. If you want heat, a lantern fueled with white gas works best, not propane. Personal hygene, shower or sponge baths if on a well using the water heated up using the gas stove.

If you have no means to do any of the above when a major blizzard has been forecast for days, then, Darwinism comes into play.

One other thing, if you currently have power but rear losing it, keep the thermostat set higher than usual. That will provide you with some extra time inside before it gets below freezing inside. It takes guite some time for a house to get that cold, especially if you have some good sun after the storm.