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Originally Posted by Garett View Post
Gas furances will produce heat without hydro. All the hydro is used for is to turn the fan on to circulate the heat thoughout the house.

Candles are actually better than flashlights. Flashlights only give off light, whereas candles will give you light and heat.

Ok with the heavy clothing thing, but why stay in the basement? Cold will settle to the lowest point (basement) and the heat will rise to the upper layers. So why wouldn't you hang out upstairs where it is the warmest for the longest?
Gas furnaces will not "fire" without hydro (electricity). The new type of gas furnace requires the little pressurizing fan to run in order for the burners to light. Plus most of them are now pilotless and with out hydro the sparker will not work. And even if you don't have the new style, with the old style the thermostat transformer requires power to close the circuits for the auto gas valve to open. Plus even if on the outside chance you could get it to light, how in the world would you get the heat out of the furnace your air mover fan needs juice. End results would be over temp on the furnace and the overtemp protection fusses would trip and then when you did get power back, your furnace would be broken.

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Aux. generator and plenty fuel. Do not wait until the threat gets close to prepare. You do not want to be caught out in the stores or fuel stations with the crazies.
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