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Default Deep snow, no high clearance? Stay home!

I just drove into work, about 15 miles into DC.
(emergency worker)
Of course the neighborhood was a mess, maybe 26" deep on unplowed roads.
I saw no tracks (or plowing) until I got to the major roads.
Tons of issues:
High snow
Road disappearing into nothing
Whiteout, can't find the road
Walls of plowed snow suddenly appearing in front of you
Front-end loaders suddenly appearing (No plows, just heavy equipment)

I was on the Interstate and there are no lanes, you can't read the overhead signs because they are covered with snow. You have to count the exits, IF you can even see the ramp!
Even on the Interstate, berms appear suddenly with heavy equipment behind them.

You think it's no problem because you have four wheel drive, think again.....
The deep snow will build up in front of you if you don't have the ground clearance, in this case, snow clearance. So much will pile up and stop you cold.

I stayed in 4WD all the way to work, and I needed it too.
Fortunately, I had the snow clearance too.
So if ya don't HAVE TO be at work, don't.
The snow around DC is very heavy and wet, wears you out just cleaning off the truck.

Those with a few years on ya, leave it alone, a lot of ppl have heart attacks clearing snow, it's heavy!
Stay home, stay safe, and enjoy the day!!!!
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