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Originally Posted by Frank007 View Post
The Mid-Atlantic Blizzard, Second Round, thread made me wonder what you can do if the power goes out. There is a lot of wind, a lot of wet, heavy snow, and the lights have flickered a couple of times. You are going to be faced with 1-2+ feet of snow, so picking up and leaving probably isn't practical. This type of weather is a rare happening and you normally don't see a power loss from storms, so you aren't sitting around with a generator or aux heat and HD probably would sell out of kerosene heaters instantly.

Many people have gas heat, which requires electricity to run. so you don't have heat.

I imagine the electricity would be gone for 6-12 hours, but it could be 2 or 3 days or more.

A few first thoughts are:

1. Go in and out through the garage door to keep cold air out of the house. Close all blinds and drapes.

2. Break out the flashlights (and candles as a last resort). Go to HD and but a lot of batteries.

3. The gas stove is available for cooking (but not heat).

4. Keep the refrigerator door closed as much as possible, although you can use a cooler in the garage or on the deck if necessary.

5. Wear heavy clothing and stay in the basement as much as possible.

6. If the house gets too cold (near freezing), let the cold water drip to keep it moving in the pipes.

What else?
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