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It's done often in Maine. Look up a guy named Rob at Northeast Radiant Floor Technology. He was on the web a bunch on www.finehomebuilding.com. He'll keep you straight.

In a nut shell I can tell you,
1/2" is most likely OK
Max run of pipe is 350' I recall
My guess is you can get away with 24" center to center runs but a heat calc must be done.
You will have to insulate under the slab with rigid insulation. The thicker the better
Yes, zip tie to the wire,
At your control joints you MUST sleeve the pex
RFH is designed to be turned on and left on.
Nothing is warmer to work off of. You may fall asleep on your creeper
You can run it off a simple hot water tank.
It won't be very cheep. Pipe, pumps, mixing valves, fittings, ect add up to $$$. A Modine or similar style heater is much cheaper to install but the heat will gather at the ceiling instead of being cooler there as with RFH.
Any water spilled on the floor dries quickly.

I didn't do it in my own garage where I have RFH in my house if that tells you anything.

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