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Originally Posted by FASTFJR View Post
We are having very high winds here. From my desk I can watch the glide path for runway 17 at Philadelphia International. The planes are bouncing around everywhere. Over the last 90 minutes we watched 7 aborted landings. Both large and small jets. When does the pilot make the call?
Flying back from the Abacos once and coming in to land at FLL we had a stiff crosswind, and the pilot was crabbing towards the runway. I was in the co-pilot seat. Then a loud alarm went off in the cockpit and he spoke into the headset microphone - "no, no, I am going to continue." Then just before hitting the runway he straightened.
So I suspect that the larger panes have even more sophisticated systems and can tell a pilot when he is off-line, has wind-shear ahead, or if he is going to have other issues.

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