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Originally Posted by RioChico View Post
Many have left the country. Most are young doctors, engineers, etc.
Our future "top prepared" generation is seeking home somewhere else. Its very sad.

I can't tell you how people can put up with him, 'cause I don't understand it either. He's destroying everything thats good, so he'll be the only one in charge... total power "at any cost" (same as Castro did in Cuba) and "the people" just keeps on supporting him believing they will recieve some kind of goverment help (mainly free housing)

When I read you guys complaining about the White House's current resident, I just laugh at most of your worries.
Don't laugh, What we are complaining about is we are heading in the direction that your country is already in, A people run by the Govt. and not a Govt. run by the people.
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