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Originally Posted by Jay A View Post
Isn't he a traitor? President Lincoln appointed him commander of the Union Army and he declined, instead he sided with the South.
If the choice is between the motive and character the Politician Lincoln and the Gentlemen Lee, I will stick with Lee.

“So, if the Articles of Confederation could be treated as a scrap of paper, if delegation to the confederate government in the 1780s was revocable, how could the central government set up under the Constitution . . . claim that its powers were permanent and irrevocable? . . . . [T]hat monstrous illogic is precisely the doctrine proclaimed by the North, by the Union, during the War Between the States. ”

“The central grievance of he American rebels was the taxing power: the systematic plunder of their property by the British government . . . . One of the central grievances of the South, too, was the tariff that Northerners imposed on Southerners whose major income came from exporting cotton abroad.”

“[T]he southern United States was the only place in the 19th century where slavery was abolished by fire and by ‘terrible swift sword.’ In every other part of the New World, slavery was peacefully bought out by agreement with slaveholders.”

“The Northern war was the very opposite of honorable . . . . the North insisted on creating a conscript army . . . and broke the 19th century rules of war by specifically plundering and slaughtering civilians . . .”

“[W]e must . . . never forget, we must put in the dock and hang higher than Haman, those who, in modern times, opened the Pandora’s Box of genocide and the extermination of civilians: Sherman, Grant, and Lincoln.”
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