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Originally Posted by Jay A View Post
Isn't he a traitor? President Lincoln appointed him commander of the Union Army and he declined, instead he sided with the South.


Lee was promoted to full Colonel of the 1st US Calvary on March 4 1861, he ignored an offer of a Brigadier Generals commision in the CS Army. At the time Va had not succeded, Lee told a friend "If Va stands by the old union, so will I. But if she secceded (thought i do not belive in seccession as a constitution right, nor that their is a sufficient cause for revolution), then I will follow my native State with my sword, and, if need be, my life." Lee was with VA more than anything, he was never officialy offered command of the US Army. He resigned his commision on April 17 the day VA suceeded and within a week was offered command of the Virgnia Army and Navy, when they were rolled into the Confederate Army Lee was a Brigadier Gen on Jeff Davis' staff.