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Medium rare - very pink to slightly red in the middle. But as above it really depends on the cut - A very rare Porterhouse will leave the strip side chewy. There have been other ones that I have had to cook a bit more but I forget which.

Hard to find a restaurant that cooks it like you want it - luckily we have found a few - an di can see hwy - its hard enough ofr me to get it right - took years of experimenting with timing and location on the grill and gas setting and such...

My Mom God rest her soul cooked everything well done - I think for safety as they raised their own beef and pork on the farm. I was told you can now eat even Pork rare since it is all radiated but don't know that for a fact.

I shouldn't have seen this post. I am starved and have to stay on a liquid diet for 6 more days... Then bland pasta and crap probably 2 weeks before I can have a steak.....

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