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I had the opportunity to go to Haiti about once a month for a few days fin 2002 and 2003. Our project was in northern Haiti and we entered through Cap-Haitian which has an airport. Never been to Port a' Prince, but from the photos it looks just like Cap-Haitian. If that is the case, the whole city probably collapsed. The conditions there are terrible.

I found the majority of the Haitian people to be extremely warm and friendly and the hardest working group I have seen. We were doing a construction project and had locals on our crew as well as dealing with towns people. FYI, our wage rate as dictated by the government was $7 per day.

That said, it is the only place I have ever been that you saw people walking around town carrying automatic weapons. There were areas of Cap-Haitian we saw as we drove through that I would not want to visit. Take the worst part of the town you live in and multiply it by about 10.

The Haitian people do need help and I hope what ever we send finds it's way to the people in need. that has always been part of the problem. In Haiti it doesn't seem to matter who is in control, left or right, they all end up with massive corruption.
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