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Originally Posted by KJS View Post
Does anyone know the cost of having a large beaver mounted?;?
There are several things that go into that sort of work, all which affect the price.

For instance, is this your beaver, or a friends?

How big is the beaver? This matters because it may take several men to mount it successfully, usually from multiple directions as well (that way they can get a good angle on the beaver, in case it gets slippery during the mounting).

Is the beaver stinky? If it is, then there is extra time and effort involved in getting it cleaned, trimmed, and buffed. This work can involve powered tools also.

How old is the beaver? Another important point, because if it is too old, then it may not hold up well to the mounting process, esepcially if several men are involved. If it is too young, then it is very likely illegal, and that can lead to some serious trouble for the ones doing the mounting.

Finally, who will ultimatley end up with the beaver? Some people simply don't want a beaver that has been mounted.

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