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Originally Posted by beenie View Post
I heat cups of water in the micro almost every day. I've read that on the internet about the dangers but I don't think that test had much to do with reality. I nuke a coffe cupful for 2 minutes with no problems at all.
I have the opposite results almost daily. I make a pot of coffee, have a cup, and turn the pot off. If I want more during the day, I pour a cup and heat it in the microwave. I watch it until it starts bubbling, but often instead of small bubbles, it will be one sudden large bubble that blows half the cup of coffee out. Other times, I might take a cup of hot coffee or water out of the mv, and the shock of sitting it in the counter top will cause the same reaction. I never thought about it heating faster than it could vaporize. I guess it has to do with the output of the mv. Mine boils a full cup of water or coffee in 90 to 95 seconds.