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Default MY BLONDE DAUGHTER and microwave??

Well this morning I was sitting in the den drinking my coffee and watching Mike & Mike on ESPN 2 and heard what I thought was daughter or wife put something in our microwave. I then heard popping and thought to myself why in hell is one of them popping pop corn at 7 am.

Next thing I hear is my 16 yr old daughter say "Daddy the microwave is on fire". Well I went in the kitchen and daughter had put one of these plastic travel mugs with a metal liner in the microwave and did not realize what she had done.

Got he cup out and no damage to the interior of microwave(it was sitting on the glass plate that rotates) and just a little smoke and sut

Now my question is did it harm the microwave, I have had a couple of folks tell me that it is screwed.

How do I test it

I have a couple of appliance repair guys as clients and have called them and left message to maybe get them to look at it to make sure
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