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If it were me I'd be looking at an older 32 Nordic Tug. Tough to find under $100K unless you're willing to do a lot of fixup. Having friends who own one, and having visited with many cruisers of many sizes from the San Juans through BC and SE Alaska, it seems to me the NT 32 is a perfect match for comfortable and economical extended cruising in the PNW. Unless you're taking a bunch of folks, I doubt you'd benefit much from the extra size of a bigger boat.

We've done 30,000 miles, mostly on the BC and SE Alaska coast, in trailer boats, often 2-3 months at a time. It's absolutely delightful cruising, but the comfort and sea-keeping of a 32 NT would be a huge upgrade. Kinda hard to tow from here in Utah, however.

Here's a link to the for sale section of an informative web site for NT owners:

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