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Default MAP 76 OR 76S ?

Mumblerone shares my view - more memory is good. The key here is to look at what you are going to do with the unit. Sure, you may buy it now as a boating only device but the minute you get it and start to play with it in the truck, you are going to want street maps. Once you get roads and recreation CD, you think, wow, this is cool, I can select an upcoming exit off the hiway and see what gas stations, restaraunts and other points of interest are at that exit. "This is pretty durn useful off the boat" you say to yourself. But then you come to the realization that the Roads and Rec cd is out of date and Garmin won't be updating it. Then you learn that the Metroguide is the better street navigation product and that it chews up more memory for the maps. That right there is why I want the 76S and would recommend it. it takes all the great stuff of the Map76 and beefs up the capacity to handle the Metroguide and Marine charts without having to reload maps everytime you turn the key on the truck.

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