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Default MAP 76 OR 76S ?

That's an interesting comment. For whatever its worth, and this is just how I have thought about the 76S, I suspect that for hikers/hunters it might be a good choice. My thinking is that the altimeter and compass would be useful, in fact essential, if you spent much time out walking around in heavy forrested areas. The GPS, as good as it is, will still loose its location if there is heavy tree cover. If you hat a Topo map loaded in (Mapsource stuff) and lost your positon you could still figure out where you were based on elevation and you could keep on moving in the right direction if you used it as a compass. Of course every now and then you'd pop out into the open and the GPS part would start working again to confirm your locaton. Anyway that's how I have thought about them.

As to the memory, I'm sure its great. What I'm not so sure of is if its necessary for the vast majority of folks. I don't have BlueChart data in my 76 but I do load Mapsource maps from Roads and Recreation. The plain 76Map can hold a suprisingly large area of mapped surface (in my case virtually every road from Pittsburgh, PA to Morehead City, NC) and so I'm not to sure what I would do with three times the stroage - but of course I'd find a use for it. Also, because I don't have the CD version of BlueChart (I use the data cards of BlueChart in my 2006) I don't know how large a memory is needed to cover a typical fishing area. I have to wonder though because I suspect that most guys tend to fish in pretty much the same area year after year.

Anyway that's why I think of it as speciality machine. I'm sure if you need its capabilitys then nothing else will do, but the real question (and its about a $100 question) is do you need it?


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