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Default RE: Chart Overlay / Autopilots

Chart overlay means you have a chart plottwer running with radar superimposed over it. meaning if a bouy is on the chart when the radar hits it, there is a blip. This lets you know that things are as they seem so to speak. If you get a blip beside the bouy, the bouy might have shifted or maybe someone is ties to the bouy with no lights. Well in order to get this feature you have to have a chartplotter and radar that are compatible (DUH ) and something to provide "Heading Data" this data is used to orient the radar to the chart. One way to aquire this data is to get an autopilot as they require much the same data to operate ie Heading This is how they know which way to steer. You can also just buy a heading Sensor and add it without getting an autopilot. As you would expect there are no standards and not all heading sensors, autopilots and chartplotters/overlays are compatible (Even by the same manufacturer) in some cases.
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