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Trawlers are the boat of choice for long distance cruising up here. An 8 knot boat is just fine if you have the time. From Puget Sound to Glacier Bay there are only a few areas that are really open to the big water, straits of Georgia, Queen Charlotte sound, and Dixon entrance the rest of the water is pretty protected and if you pick time it's pretty much a no brainer. The reasons for a trawler are many; comfort, safety theres a lot of debris and rocks where you don't expect them with a full keel and displacement the boat tends to push most of the floating stuff out of its way. Rocks are a different story but the keel help protect the running gear somewhat. Economy, a trawler at 8 knots will approach a couple of miles /per gallon. There's a lot more reasons I've just hit the high points. I've made the trip up the inside a few times and look forward to doing it again in a couple of years.

There's alot of trawlers on the market right now, in your price range a Puget trawler, CHB or other taiwan trawlers would be what I would look for.