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Default Boating the Pacific Northwest, advice?

I am looking for some advice from people that have experience cruising the Pacific Northwest.

In the next year or two I may be in a position to take a few years off to chase a dream. I have always wanted to take the time to explore the Pacific Northwest by power boat. I am talking about extended trips up to Alaska and all points in between. My biggest question right now is what kind of boat?

My initial thoughts are something around the 35-40 foot range. I would like something that is comfortable but not so big that I will have problems handling it by myself. My primary goals will be photography and some scuba diving.

I am beginning to learn about the different types of larger boats. Sedans, tugs, sportfishers, trawlers, etc. Any thoughts or recommendations from experienced cruisers? I have a lot of experience on smaller boats and currently have a 25 foot Wellcraft Coastal in a slip in Santa Cruz. I am trying to get as much time on the water as I can to increase my knowledge and experience. I figure I will end up with a used boat then spend a good amount of time going through it top to bottom before it hits the water. Upgrade where needed, outfit it for my needs, and make sure everything is safe. Once itís ready to go I will look for some experience folks to take my first few trips with.

I do not have a firm budget yet but would like to stay under $100k. And please donít contact me trying to sell me your boat. I am not in the market yet.