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Default RE: Running wires through T-top tubes (Problem)

Thanks Sea Dog,

Those wires are just hanging there right now. They will all be loomed and fastened tomorrow. I'll run the split loom right into the pipe. I used "Wire Slick" to pull the calbes through and what a difference it makes! It's made for electricians pulling wire through conduit. I put a big squirt of it into the tubing after sucking a piece of Spider wire through with the wet vac (get trick BTW) Then as you pull the wires through the Wire Slick it coats the wires with a slippery waxy coating. They slide through the tube like you wouldn't belive! The welder said he was all out of the spray anodizing. He said any welding supply should have it. It's just a clear spray. He said it would match up to the factory color with just a light dusting. I was really happy with the job he did welding the pipe. There are no pits or seams or any visual signs that it was touched other than the slight discoloration where the factory clear was removed. It was worth every penny to be able to pull the wires that easily. Tomorrow they all get connected
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