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Default RE: Running wires through T-top tubes (Problem)

Well my problems was solved today! The TIG welder showed up and we looked at what we had to work with. Turns out the Top was too close to the console to get the head of the welder in and our original plan of attack (cutting the standoff and re-welding)was not going to work.

So plan B was to cut the tubing with a metalic hole saw and open up the inside. Then weld the removed hole plug back into place and finish it like the factory finish. When we cut the hole into the tube, to my surprise there was a factory hole. It was about the size of a quarter and it was de-burred and smooth. The problem was the factory cut a round hole in the tube, then welded a angle cut pipe to it. The angle cut pipe formed an oval mating surface which left a pronounced lip. When I fished down from the top I just went right past the hole. When I fished up from the bottom I would catch on the lip due to the curve of the pipe. Although I could have sucked or blown a string down the pipe, I would have had my wires making a sharp bend around the metal lip. Over time I'm sure that wouldn't have done well for the wires.

So once inside we removed the 3/4" lip and debured everything. the plug was reinstalled and TIG'ed into place. Then "Z" my welder ground the seams with prgressively finer grits until he ended with a nice brushed finish just like the factory. It is clean a a whistle and once we hit the spot with a dusting of clear anodizing it will be impossible to tell it was touched. The beauty of the job is now I can pull all the cables through that I could ever need. No lip to hang them up on and no chafing of the wires.

Total time 1.5 hours. Cost $100 and breakfast for me and "Z"

This is a diagram of what we had. The "X" is what we removed. I'll have a picture of the finished job later on when I'm done rigging. IMHO it was well worth the $100 to open the hole up that much. I considered doing the other side while he was there, but the radar cable is already pulled through and with this side as open as it is I shouldn't need any more space.

So Hydra Sports did not forget to cut the hole, it's just done in a manner that was difficult to work with. Alls well that ends well. Now I'm off to pull cable and finish rigging.

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