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Default ACR Spotlight

I built a bracket out of starboard to mount the light on the very front of my pulpit bowrail. It sandwiches around the rail. I went with the bow rail instead of the hard top at the suggestion of several friends. They all said they had a lot of trouble with glare with theirs mounted on the hard top. Also the one side of my hard top that has wires fished through is pretty much full and I have had no success getting a wire down the other side.
I don't know what size they recommend. The supplied harness is 22 gauge. I'll try to call the manufacturer and see what they have to say tomorrow. I know they sale a 17 foot extension, but if I use that I will have to cut off the plugs and splice it due to size considerations where I am running the wire. Plus it is $32.
I did find a 7 strand wire at Lowes today. It was 22 gauge and was solid core conductor verses stranded. I think it is wire used for the thermostats on hosehold hot water heaters. Do you see any problem with this other than it isn't marine grade? I was planning on soldering the connections, liquid electrical taping them, and then heat shrinking them. I also thought of zip tieing the wires together to ensure the connections didn't get stressed at all.
Thanks for all the suggestions so far.
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