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Default RE: furuno navpilot 511

I did get the chance to go on a sea-trial Wednesday with a NavPilot500 (same as the 511 only a larger display). The dockside set-up took about 10 minutes. We then had to calibrate the compass and set up the feedback which was another 10 minutes. The boat was a 61' (?) Viking so it was an inboard feedback. Since it was blowing like stink that day I'm glad the boat was that big.
The total time spent tuning the pilot was about 25-30 minutes. The pilot was placed in their "auto-learn" mode and we just ran around in different directions and speeds.
It worked great, just as advertised. The advanced auto functioned as claimed.
Because of the sea conditions and that the technicians were on the clock we did not test the fishing mode features.
The sysytem has many features and abilities we didn't even touch the surface on them. I looked at the alarm/repeater functions on the display. You can really trick it out if you want to.
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