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Default RE: Flush Mount Compass

Compass would definately be too close if mounted where the Garmin is!

I mounted a VHF about a foot away from a bulkhead mount compass and the compass never moved. Unfortunately, I cut a hole in the panel for the compass before testing out the location so I was stuck. The solution was to pull the radio and remove the speaker magnets - I then sealed up the radio again and mounted an external speaker about 30" away from the compass. It's not perfect, but it moves around enought that the deviations could be corrected by adjusting the compass.

I'm not sure I'd even put a compass in a boat with a GPS and a backup (handheld) GPS. I never really use the compass, and it tought to read in a chop. Maybe going offshore a long distance, it makes a good safety addition, but I could certainly live without it with the GPS.

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