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Default RE: Running wires through T-top tubes (Problem)

Both sides of my upper box are drilled. When I tried to run through the lower standoff like on the factory rigged side I could not get through. I'll give it some more time before spriinging for the new standoffs. the more I look at it though the more I think the new standoffs may be the fastest and easiest way to run all the cable I need. The dealer said that the radar cable and 2-3 10-12ga wires was about all they have ever gotten up one side. I still would have the gps, sat radio coax, sat radio anttenna and NEMA cables. If I just cut in a new standoff with a 1.5"-2" hole I'll be free and clear without the risk of damaging cables or having any issues. I really don't see it as a factory problem/defect. They can't account for all the possible modifications that a person might make. I've taken both the radios out of the lower box and moved then to the top. Thats not likely to be a common modification. I got the boat as a member of Hydra SPorts Pro team so they will likely be interested in my input. It's a small thing that I will bring to them for future boats that make.

Other than that everything is spot on! I had to remove some of the factory wiring to move the radios. Everything was secured, loomed and run in a clean efficent manner. This is one of those times that being a boat dealer must be a PIA. I see this as a minor rigging issue that I have to deal with. I am sure that there are some people that would hammer the dealer saying its defective etc. My feelling is, its a boat and I'm doing custom rigging. Custom means just that. Hydra sports gave me a boat that was in perfect working order AND gave me the option of factory rigged electronics. I opted to do it myself and here I stand. If they had provided me with the electronics and no way to run the wires I'd be pissed, but thats not the case.

I bought some "wire slick" its a lube for pulling wires. I'll give that a try then put in a bit more time on the other side of the top. If I can't fish things though easily I'll have the standoffs put in. What the hell it's only money I might as well do it right the first time. Or else I'll sure as $hit be doing it again.

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