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Default RE: Running wires through T-top tubes (Problem)

While your in there try to smooth out all the holesthrough the pipesyou can. Many factory cuts are rough or have burs. The last thing you want 3 years from now is some chafed wires, especially on the radar. Smooth out the holes or use some grommets if you can. Things like this are the reason you cant get all your electronics installed for a days pay. Quality work takes time. Got any pictures. I think I can viualize it but a picture will be worth a 1000 words. Can you drill the hole out biggger or drill the other side yourself.( Not that you want to drill holes all over a new boat.) For the standoff route, you sould remove all the wires in there before the weld. Nothing like undoing all the work youve just done only to redo it again.
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