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Default RE: Murrells Inlet SC and area

Sounds like you are not going to run offshore. The jetty is always a good place to start. I know they have been catching some big Spottails at the tip of the north jetty. Also, when you are coming in from the pass, you will notice that the channel goes to the right, but there is a nice sized creek ahead. You have to ease through some shallow water, but once you get into the creek it runs for a while. Go up into the creek and fish the mouths of the smaller creeks with grubs, shrimp, or mud minnows. There are a number of these and you may have to work a number of them to find fish. Also, there are oysters around many of these areas, so be careful both running your boat as well as fishing in these areas. Of course, the oysters attract the fish so that's a good thing. We ususally use Cujun rattler type bobbers this time of year to keep the bait just off the bottom. You can expect to catch Spottails and some flounders around there as well as cat fish and pinfish which are not a good thing.... Some guys catch trout around there in some deep holes and dropoffs, but I rarely target them. If you want to pull the boat @ 30 mi down to Georgetown, I can give some more info for down there.....
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