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The XL3 cards have the same amount of information as 3 XL cards. The XL cards have the equivalent of several Small cards on them. If you go to the Navionics website, it will show you each chart that is included on a specific XL3, XL, or Small card. There is no more or less detail on any one of the different cards.

The differences relate to the capabilities of gps/chartplotter that use the cards. For instance, the Furuno 1650 and 1850 cannot use the XL3 charts. The Navionics website also tells you which cards can be used with various brands and models of gps/chartplotters.

For instance, I just bought a Furuno 1850, and I boat and fish in the Lake Erie, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. If the 1850 accepted XL3 cards, I could get one card that covered all three lakes for $199. The 1850 cannot use XL3 cards, however, so I have to buy three separate XL cards, one for each lake, for $199 each.
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