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I love Barcelona, a lot of good suggestions already, I have Stayed at the Hotel Regina twice, just off Plaza Catalunya, this is where all the tours originate. I suggest do the HOp off and on bus, do it early, it will get crowded, Lots of good restaurants everywhere, but get off La Rambla for better and less expensive food. You can walk most everywhere, but it is a safe city, but watch out for PICK Pockets in crowded tourist places it is a occupation in all of Europe, but they will not harm you or touch you, that is a crime, picking pocket is not a real crime I guess. Take a tour up to Gerona and down to Terragona for a change if you have the time. The people watching is wild, and there few if any fat people in Barcelona, I guess I will always look like a tourist. Try the Mercat on La Ramba for lunch, sorry for the misspelled words.
To get hyped for Barcelona, try this link, it is the essence of Barcelona.
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