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Originally Posted by 08087 View Post
So my wife wants a car. Something sporty but not a racer. It has to be something I would get in and drive myself so nothing girly like a bug. Sorry bug owners.
She likes the Delorean but with used car prices on Porches, Mercedes, BMW's and many other similar cars being in the same 20-25K range I thought I'd ask what you'd pick as to get a few more ideas before we start kicking tires.

Not really liking the mustangs or camaros' a corvette might do but it is a bit fast/over powered for the wife.
Thanks in advance.

Remember keep it around 20-25K used is fine age does not matter if kept well.
Saturn Sky with turbo. The turbo motors are 2.0's and have plenty of pep. There about 245 whp. They get 30+ mph and there chevy motors so no problem getting them worked on. The non turbo model is the 2.4. With about 180 hp. Thats what I have but I supercharged mine for a play toy with about 350 hp and I'm still getting 28 mpg. There a lot of them on e bay . You can pick up a 07 cheep. Around 13 to 15 G. is the web sight for these things. There Kappa clubs everywhere that you can talk to about mods, get togethers, and if you even do have a problem all you have to do is ask and there 1000;s of people on there that enjoy the forum and will be more than happy to help you answer any question. Wanted this one for the girl friend and the guy would not come down on the price till I bought her a a car then he dropped. I bought this for me and I love it. I"m 52 and not a small boy by any means.

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