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Originally Posted by ABoater View Post
Gee... Let me think...

There are about NINE Bay Area counties to pic from.

Care to guess which one I live in???

FBI clue... Rhetorical question!

Yeah, I remember when I was 21 and had too much to drink. The sad part is that you are well over 21!
So if you don't live in a city that is affected by the Bay Bridge why bitch about it?

If you do live in a city that is affected by the Bay Bridge and have a problem with them making it earthquake proof, share you reasoning.

Now that your "retro" and "20 year" bull-crap has been exposed you have decided to fall back on the "hey, I don't live in a city near there", and "hey you're drunk", and "hey, I need to deflect my stupid original post and hope that someone comes in to help me quick."

Grow up. Get involved in growing and strengthening your local community instead of tearing it down on a national forum.
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