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I wish I had a tree that needed chopping down. Instead I get to spend the day talking to Used car dealers.

On a side not, I am the only guy in the world who cannot get a dealer to take $1 off the list on a used car. I made two offers yesterday - 5% off the list, and they countered with the list. And they let me walk out the door. My man power is at an all time low. I might just take my car to the full service station and ask them to check the air in my tires, or I might just go upstairs and make some cupcakes.[/QUOTE]

I feel your pain Bro. I'm driving a 96 F 250 w/180,000 on it, not because I can't afford a new one, but because I'm intimidated by car dealers. It's like I got a infared target painted on my forehead that only they can see or something.
I got a better chance of getting 2,000,000 miles out of my truck and seeing Elvis live in concert than getting $100 off list at a car dealer.