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A Florida man was unable to cash a Bank of America check because the bank required a thumbprint, and he had no arms.
WTSP has the story of Steve Valdez, who tried to cash a Bank of America check written by his wife to him. He took the check to a BoA branch, presented two forms of picture ID, and was prevented from cashing the check because he couldn't provide a thumbprint. The manager refused to accommodate Valdez, suggesting that he open an account if he wanted to cash the check.
We've written before about consumers' discomfort about having to provide fingerprints for business transactions. Some readers have pointed out to their banks that there's nothing in the Uniform Commercial Code about requiring a thumbprint for negotiable instruments. In this case, Valdez also told the bank that they might be violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Also, there's this: In July, Bank of America admitted that they keep a database of the thumbprinted checks. Wonderful.

Capn Hank,

I just had to post the text of the article you linked to. I can tell you that who ever trained the teller at the above branch also handles the folks at the 1800 number,

I was pretty angry last night, Now that morning is here turns out I am still pissed. I need to get my love on before I head over to the branch.

Here is my favorite exchange from last night,

Me "so you are telling me that because I used your ATM to depositthis check (something I do ALL the time), The money will not be available to me for 9 days, and it will not be available to the party who wrote me the check? So I can't use MY money to buy a car this week?"

BOA Manager "of course you can. You can still write a check.

Me "How can I write a check if it has not cleared?"

BOA Mangler "You can use the balance in you account of (an amount that would fix the tranny).

Me "Have you been listening to anything I have been saying to you?"

BOA " I have no clue what she actually said at this point, as a red haze was enveloping my my brain, and heading across my vision"

Me "Thanks for you time, this has been a serious waste of my energy, thanks for that."

I get that this post will have no impact, and kind of makes me look like a raving lunatic. In my defense, I have been dealing with Nationswide, Allstate, and now BOA, and It is finally dawning on me how rigged the game really is.

I wish I had a tree that needed chopping down. Instead I get to spend the day talking to Used car dealers.

On a side not, I am the only guy in the world who cannot get a dealer to take $1 off the list on a used car. I made two offers yesterday - 5% off the list, and they countered with the list. And they let me walk out the door. My man power is at an all time low. I might just take my car to the full service station and ask them to check the air in my tires, or I might just go upstairs and make some cupcakes.
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