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Originally Posted by CMP View Post
No, bank of amigos cannot suck any more that it does now. In fact, I think it's unfair to banks that DO suck to say boa sucks. They need to get better to suck...

I had been banking with BOA for 15 years (Nations Bank back then) until recently when I moved my business to BB&T. Over the past few years they have catered more and more to the amigos. Most of the branches around here have a high ranking officer who is bi-lingual and seems to be needed for some drawn out language barrier driven problem everytime I went in lately. Several months ago when I saw on the news they would open accounts for anyone without all the I.D. they required from me when I opened an account told me I was being a victim of reverse discrimination. Don't they know this is THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, discrimination goes one way here, get it right.

I've been with BB&T for a month, happy so far.
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