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I used to have B of A process my credit cards. I switched to a different company after I could not get service out of B of A. Since they have access to my bank account to make deposits, they also have access to take money out! So far they have pull just shy of $500 out of my business account. Why? They cant even tell me! I have to fight and argue, then write a letter of dispute, then wait, the I am sure fight even more! Those son of a bitches!

My bank cannot stop the withdraws either, I thought we had a block in place after the last time but 2 days ago they hit me again! I have also received a letter from some collections company saying I owe B of A another $119! Called B of Asses, they dont know why the letter was sent to me!

Just like I told them over the phone- I hope all their branches burn to the ground! The hell with our government supporting companies run like this as well. I am going back to a credit union!!!!

Oh ya- dont get me started on American Express- those are some dumb, worthless, sacks of sh$% right there!
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