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I am the majority owner of a local 12 branch bank with $355,000,000 in deposits. Big banks like BOA are the reason that we have been able to not only stay competitive throughout this recession, but have been able to grow. In an area of the country hit hard by the current economic situation (FL), we have had to foreclose on only 8 properties and have only had loan losses of $460,000. The attitudes of these big banks is that you need them more than they need you, and our attitude could not be more opposite. Our bread and butter is our small business customers and individuals, and we work very hard to keep them happy. Our employees will go above and beyond to help a customer in any way possible, as long as it is legal, and our tellers know you by name, not just a number. I suggest that any of you who are fed up with the big bank treatment open an account at a community bank and experience this difference first hand.
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