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Default Can Bank Of America Suck more?

I just found out that because I used an ATM to deposit a check (Cashiers check from a credit union) BOA will hold my check for 9 days.

I just got off the phone with their Customer "service" folks who told me I probably should not have deposited it in the ATM. But they would be happy to cover any fees I should encounter based on the extended hold time. When I asked if that meant I should cut a check for a $30,000 car and just forward them the bounced check penalties, my "manager" got a little quiet.

It would be cool to think that 20 years with the bank, and direct deposit/bill pay use means anything, but I am not that stupid.

It will probably take me a full day to transition everything over to my credit union, but it will feel good. Shame BOA will probably buy them next week.

Nice work BOA. If you sucked anymore you would have to call yourself an insurance company
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