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Of Course the fundamental lesson of Quantum mechanics is that we cannot ever "see" these things as whatever medium we use to observe it - xrays here - alters it. i.e. Is the electron clould really denser at the end of the molecule? The model of alternating double bonds or more likely evenly distributed electron clouds doesn't show this. Absolutely amazing anyway!!!!

Oh my polycyclic aromatic.....Can you say Organic thin film transmitters (semiconductors) ???? I can only imagine how these babies are going to change everyhting. But hey this IS exactly what we think they look like! Fused Benzene rings are cool and the potential of the excitons (?) or whatever they are called that they can emit once excited.... is mindblowing - and where to be now I guess

There was also a great story on the latest developments in metamaterials (which I never even heard of) on the history Channel magazine for all you folks interested in this stuff.. I couldnt find that, but the invisible materials possibilities are indeed mindboggling!

We aint "seen" nothing yet....Pun intended!!!!!

Now if we can just find a safe politically and environmentally alternative to ethanol in our gasoline


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