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you know, a lot of us get occasional lapses into crazy ideas and urges (to balance out our even rarer genius thoughts ) but most of the time we get to grin about what might have been and go about life.

It really bothers me when somebody actually makes a lot of time to act on his crazy ideas when there's no other reason besides hurting somebody this boat seller apparently did.

My neighbor didn't like people parking on his grass by the street ROW and didn't care to plant a bush or put a post into the ground. What he DID do was to get a couple 1x4x8' and riddle them with 3" screws, then bury them under the grass. He went from installing a deterrent to creating a potentially catastrophic danger to people, pets, meter readers, etc.

some people are so nuts that the rest of us don't feel quite as strange when we get those weird thoughts.
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